The spread of COVID-19 has demanded that governments around the world take unprecedented steps to protect their citizens. This has meant restricting personal movement in an effort to limit the transmission of the disease.

We are concerned about the risk of discrimination, excessive use of force and violations of fundamental rights and freedoms that have already occurred in some instances during the implementation of lock downs and mandatory isolation. While the need to protect public health is vital, it is imperative to ensure that these measures are not used to undermine the fundamental civil liberties and human rights of all people.
Promoting and protecting these essential liberties and rights is should remain a priority of all.

We hope that restrictions on movement and peaceful assembly are grounded in legitimate public health concerns and are not used to infringe on the people’s essential freedoms. While we are all called upon to sacrifice some parts of our normal lives, we must remain vigilant that this requirement is not abused or taken advantage of.

“We must all do what we can to prevent the tragedy of this pandemic from being compounded by allowing it to be exploited to persecute vulnerable communities. Over the course of this crisis, we want to ensure that vulnerable and marginalized communities, are not victimized under the cover of public health.

Furthermore, we recognize that isolating at home can be very difficult for many families. For people facing domestic and sexual and gender-based violence, COVID-19 has created a perfect storm of isolation, stress and fear. Gender-based and child-protection services are essential and life-saving, and we urge the Gov't of Saint Lucia to prioritize and integrate these critical services in all responses related to COVID-19.

Protecting public health and respecting human rights are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they cannot be separated as they go hand in hand toward ensuring the health, safety and security of our citizens. Together, we can respond to the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly and decisively, but also with compassion, inclusivity and respect for the fundamental rights of everyone.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc has been providing services and support to women and children who are victims of domestic violence from 2012. This support is provided through one-on-one case management as well as through group activities and includes support to victims and survivors of:

Sexual Assault
Child Physical & Sexual Abuse
Lack of Access to Justice for Vulnerable & Marginalized peoples
Lack of Institutional Support & Services for Vulnerable & Marginalized Peoples.
Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc was created in February 2012 apart from hosting activities which are designed to create public awareness and education of the citizenry has also engaged in activities which gives back and provide tangible assistance such as: -

  • Assisted  women, children, families and individuals who have been victims of violence, by providing counseling and welfare;
  • Secured a perpetual donation of medicines and medical supplies from AmeriCares, working in partnership with St. Jude’s Hospital and Ministry of Health for use at all public health facilities,
  • Presented a declaration to the Government of St. Lucia on International Women's Day March 2016, to advocate for the enactment of the OECS Family Law Bills, two of those bills were pass in 2019, the most critical one the Domestic Violence Bill remains in draft;
  • Donated kitchen equipment to Uptown Gardens Girls Center to assist catering students attending the institution;
  • Received a grant from 100 Women Who Cares St. Lucia to produce and air PSA's to create public awareness on violence against women and children in 2016;
  • Received a grant from the UK High Commission for a project entitled “Improving Service Delivery and Strengthening Institutional Response of Social Services Agencies in Saint Lucia” aimed at improving the quality of services provided to victims of gender-based violence at public sector agencies in 2047/2018;
  • Received a Grant from the Canadian High Commission (Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives) to host 16 days of activism on gender-based violence Nov 25-Dec 10, 2017.
  • Collaboration with AmeriCares to support recovery efforts in Dominica, to date AmeriCares has committed to the rebuilding of Public Health Facilities and a Medical Supply Warehouse for the people of Dominica,
  • Received funding from the Equality & Justice Alliance Project to advocate on Discrimination, Abortion Rights and Sexual & Reproductive Rights, Gender Based Violence against Women & Girls in 2019
  • Received funding from Sisters for Change to advocate for the enactment of the Domestic Violence Bill to better protect women and girls. 
  • Received joint funding along with United & Strong from Outright Action International to train front line social services agency workers to provide improved, respectful and confidential services to women, girls and LGBTQI person who seek support services. 
  • Since COVID-19 we are working to digitize our services to continue serving our clients. 
  • ​Received funding from Outright Action International to secure proposed office building for Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc. 

​Our Mission:

To advocate for and on behalf of women and children who are victims of gender based violence and lack of access to justice.
Our Vision:

To provide quality, compassionate and nonjudgmental services in a manner that fosters self-respect and independence in persons experiencing gender based violence, and to lead the struggle to end domestic violence through advocacy and community education.

​​Amending Our Service Delivery During COVID-19

  • Raised funds and received donations from local and international donors to procure basic food items and packed food packages for distribution to clients who are food insecure or made food insecure by COVID-19; 
  • Set up remote counseling via IPAD for safe houses;
  • Obtained a special pass from the NATIONAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY (NEMO) to distribute food and hygiene pack and also respond to GBV incidents;
  • Responded and continue to respond to request from the  to provide safe house accommodation to Gender Based Violence Victims; 
  • We have cancelled all group counseling; 
  • We have cancelled physical home visits and have instead done face time with clients to reassure them;
  • We have temporarily halted the completion of our office space because of the state of emergency 
  • We are working on finalizing  Agro Processing Facility we have received partial funding for. 

Due to the infections nature of COVID-19 it will be a while before we can host any fundraising activity or flea markets to raise funds for operational expenses. At this time we need your online or in-kind donation to continue assisting victims of gender based violence is critical. Click on the link below to donate using Global Giving online payment platform.