OUR FOCUS  to advocate and ensure that our declaration for action is implemented in full by end of 2016

Mrs. Edith Petra Jeffrey-Nelson
Her background in law helps us reach people who have limited or no access to justice and to provide them with critical advice to access justice.

RAISE YOUR VOICE SAINT LUCIA advocates for a safer environment where children and women can grow and achieve their full potential.
Discrimination and violence against women and children is persistent and widespread;
Discrimination against women and children remains rooted in law and practice;
Policy makers have failed to adopt legislation and policies to protect women and children from violence and discrimination;
Where such laws exist, violators often go unpunished and impunity prevails;
Efforts to raise awareness on women and children’s rights are nonexistent;
WE RECOGNISE the need to mobilize all civil society and human rights organizations to work together to combat discrimination and violence against women and children.
WE REITERATE that government has the primary responsibility to ensure respect for women and children’s rights and that the elimination of discrimination and violence against women and children is above all, a matter of political will;
WE CALL UPON our legislators to take all necessary measures to ensure respect for women and children’s rights, in particular to:
Ratify without reservations the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Optional Protocol to CEDAW
Fully implement into law the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
WE CALL UPON every Saint Lucian to protect women and children and to ensure that women and children’s rights are upheld in every community and every home, every organisation.
WE CALL UPON Government to:
Draft and enact the model Family Law Bills by July 31st, 2016;
Build the capacity of the Justice System i.e. Police, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and the Courts to better solve crime and bring swift justice to victims, by July 30, 2016;
Establishment a permanent Hall of Justice by January 1st, 2016;
Re-commission the Forensic Laboratory by March 31st, 2016;
Establish a shelter for victims of sexual assault by July 30th, 2016.
We will engage all national, regional and international actors to join the movement, so that together, we can achieve gender equality and full respect of women and children’s rights.


Mrs. Esther Greene Earnest 
Chief Legal Counsel ensures we are well advised and is a great advocate and mobilizer. 

Ms. Catherine Sealys 
With her writing and research skills combined with a special touch for community work gives us access to resources and connects us to people who need help. 

our leadership team