Advocacy to change existing laws which legally discriminates against women and children, to bring the age of consent to 18 years of age, to implement new laws to minimize discrimination and inequities, ratify the CRC and CEDAW conventions and optional protocols; improve services to victims of violence, etc ;

•Provide housing up to three months for a woman who wants to exit an abusive relationship;

•Provide Legal aid to women who want a divorce or accompany women and children to family court;

•Provide grocery and other disposable items for a woman and her child exiting an abusive relationship;

•Provide medical assistance for a mother and/or child who has been abused by a partner, parent or who is ill from being regularly abused;

•Provide school supplies for children whose parents are unemployed or earn enough to buy the basic needs for school;

•Assist parents of special needs children who are unable to work with disposable diapers, wipes, non-perishable food items and medicals;

On December 28th, 2018 we are hosting our 1st Annual Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc. Masquerade Ball at Royalton Resort; we think our efforts would go even further if you decided to purchase a ticket and support us.

Please reach out to us at raiseyourviceslu@gmail.com or Tel: 1 758 723 4227/487 2329 or visit Temptations Perfumes Store in the A.F. Valmont Building opposite Parliament Building, Glitter Nails (Becky) at Gros Islet behind carwash before Volney Gas Station to purchase your ticket.