Public Advocacy Campaign

Psyco Educational Awareness
Education Act
Juvenile Justice
Domestic Violence
Children & Young Persons Act
Status of the Child Bill
Affiliation and Maintenance Act
Lobby requisite governmental personnel and departments to review and implement long standing legislation to prevent and protect women and children whilst improving and upgrading the justice system
Advocacy to inform, educate and empower women, children on their rights, responsibilities and privileges with respect to requisite legislation, processes and procedures in governance.
To educate citizens/civil society through mass media (Radio, TV, Social Media, News Papers, etc) on their rights and privileges and to educate civil society to make better decisions.  


Community and Professional Training:
We will develop training modules to provide community training and continuing education for various group and segments of society and relevant agencies on domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse of women and children, rape, and human rights, etc that meet the requisite standards
Domestic Violence in the Workplace: a program targeting human resource representatives, or their counterparts at both private companies and public institutions, to help make them aware of the effects of domestic violence on business and employees.
Task Force: The Task Force is comprised of volunteers, attorneys and representatives from area hospitals, local law enforcement agencies, Schools, local community organizations, Legal Aid, Department of Gender Relations, etc & Families, among many other agencies to collaborate on a comprehensive plan to prevail over domestic violence and other crimes against women and children in our community.
Expect Respect: a school-based program for middle and high school students promoting safe and healthy relationships while encouraging students to share what they learn with friends and family.
Gentlemen against Domestic Violence, Rape & other form of abuse: A gathering of like-minded Gentlemen dedicated to supporting the Raising Gentlemen (to be developed) program and breaking the cycle of abuse.

Healthy Relationships: teens and adults exploring the components of healthy relationships to ensure their own relationships remain violence-free
Raising Gentlemen: helping boys and young men to evolve beyond macho stereotypes to develop self-respect and respect for others and then share what they’ve learned.
Raising Young Ladies: helping girls to evolve beyond present stereotypes to develop self-respect, self esteem and respect for others and then share what they’ve learned with friends and community.  This program is already being piloted for the past two years at the Ave Marie Primary School.
Youth Advisory Council: To partner with The NYC working to change the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of teens, reducing teen dating violence in our community. 





Confidential 24-hour crisis line: 
Liaise with telecommunications    providers to support our programme and clients by providing a free line for victims to call for assistance anytime day or night.
Court & Legal Advocacy: Lawyers and advocates assist clients with civil matters directly related to domestic violence, rape, child maltreatment abuse, etc.  
Compose a listing of lawyers who are willing to offer pro bono assistance to support our program and clients.
We want to provide Direct Assistance i.e. meeting basic needs of clients  so they can focus on personal empowerment and breaking the cycle of abuse
Elder Abuse Response Program: meeting the distinctive needs of abuse victims 50 years and older;  we can develop a program “Join the Solution” and ask person to donate your old cell phones and chargers, Look to establish an Emergency Shelter for victims
Child Care  - After school care program for clients to ensure a safe environment for children and school age pregnant mothers.
Collaboration: advocates and law enforcement collaborating on cases of high-lethality (high risk for domestic violence homicide and suicide)
Medical Responder Program: to ensure there is coordination and collaborating amongst respective agencies having identified the need to provide services for survivors in accessible settings such as emergency rooms.
Neighbours, Friends & Family: It is our belief that everyone in our community has a role to play in helping to prevent violence and abuse against women and children. In doing so, Neighbours, Friends & Families program seeks to arm individuals with information, referrals and details on how to best support and respond when a loved one is being abused.
Safe & Together: This program will work to reduce the number of children removed from their home and families and other survivors of abuse while investigations are being conducted in the case, allowing the child to remain with the non-abusing parent.
Women of Means Program: supports women who have specialized needs based on their abusers’ power, privilege and access to resources. 




Clinical Counselling Program: We aim to provide counselling by licensed therapists to provide empowerment-based, trauma-informed counselling services to our clients.
Community Collaborative Substance Abuse Program: Coping with emotional and psychological traumas often becomes burdensome for survivors of domestic violence. A collaborative mission with both the RSLPF and Substance Abuse Specialist to offer treatment to survivors wanting to address their substance use.
Economic Empowerment: Asset building is a crucial part of domestic violence advocacy. Asset building can be linked to accessing various financial building blocks that help foster economic security. We will source grant funding to address all aspects of economic independence for women and their children.
Gentlemen Against Domestic Violence: A gathering of like-minded Gentlemen dedicated to supporting the  Raising Gentlemen program (to be developed) and breaking the cycle of abuse.
Healing Arts: heal from the past, live fully in the present and create a future free from abuse using various types of therapy such as art, creative writing, drumming circles, yoga and other creative outlets; 
Thrift Shoppe: To empower change in our community RYV will establish a thrift shop with specific goods and services that will raise awareness and support our mandate; we will encourage our community/public to donate and making purchases at our Thrift Shop. Proceeds support our life-transforming services while program participants shop, free of charge, for clothing, accessories, furniture and household items:
Transitional Housing Program: move towards self-sufficiency by developing real-world skills while under we support and assist the reintegration of our clients back into the community. (Criteria for this program will be set, therefore clients must meet certain criteria to participate)